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      HELLO!!!!!!!!! I’m opening commissions!!! (limited)

      I’m offering two types: 

      1) OC Creation/Outfit Design – $100 (price may fluctuate depending on complexity of design) 

      (2 slots available)

      2) Bust commission – $25

      (3 slots available)


      1) OC design: An Original Character for you from scratch. For Role playing purposes or whatever purpose you might want to use them for. I don’t do 100% furries but I can make anthros and hybrids. 

      Outfit design: I would love to design outfits for your ocs!! I’ll do a full body drawing for them in a new outfit! You can describe to me the kind of outfit you want, and give me refs of your OC so I can make it cohesive with their colour scheme and usual wardrobe.  

      Examples of my character and outfit designs are above. 

      I’ll show you a sketch first to get your approval and make any changes. You can let me know if you want a simple or detailed design and the price will be negotiated accordingly. 

      2) Bust: A coloured bust of your OC. i think that’s self explanatory LOL 


      If you’re interested drop me an email at:

giveaway winner (1) by jvvvk
giveaway winner (1)
Hello!!! PurpleSeraphicAngel  you won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thankyou for letting me draw this lovely oc

I wanna pick one more winner so ive extended the deadline for the give away

you can go fave it here to take part>>>>>>
Hi everyone!! I'm doing an art giveaway because ((I feel like it)) and to show my appreciation to my watchers! All your faves and comments mean so much to me, and inspire me to draw more! Thank you so much for that ><

Rules for the giveaway:

-There will be 1 Winner (I might increase this to 2 depending on how much time I have)

- Please fav the picture, so that I can look at the list later and use a randomizer to select 

- After faving Leave a comment with a ref link of 1 OC (I'm not going to do any fanart, sorry!) This way I don't have to notify you If you won and then ask for ref but instead it'll be like a surprise!! (haha sorry that's kind of lame but, whatever)

- You have to be watching me (This is a giveaway for my watchers, after all)

EVEN THOUGH THE IMAGES ABOVE HAVE BUSTS i'll prob draw you a waist up LOL

Giveaway ends on 28th Jan!
Hello everyone! I'm in a bit of a dilemma. Today I was working on a psd file, after finishing I saved it and closed Photoshop. Shortly after that my computer bluescreened and when I turned it back on, the file had become corrupted. The file size is still the same (200MB) But when I open it, Its just 1 black layer. Has this happened to anyone before? Does anyone know how to recover corrupt psd files? >< It was my stupidity that I didnt make a backup ugh... But is there any way I can recover this? Any suggestions would be of a HUGE help.............. 

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Pharos-Chan Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016  Student General Artist
*_ * aHHH your work is so pretty!! <3 
Sir-Erdgeist Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

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RHM9595 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2015  Student
one of the best advises got thanks a lot, and wish you luck ;)
RHM9595 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2015  Student
by the way what software and tablet do you use?
RHM9595 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 14, 2015  Student
your art is really great, one of the best and most talented artists I've ever seen how have you become this good?
and i do practice but without any goal, just mess around (currently using Atuodesk sketchbook pr v.2015) and i have a Wacom tablet and access to all softwares, what your suggestions for me, when i start to sketch i do it aimlessly, how have you become this good, i know you said practice but there must be more to it, I'd really appreciate the help.

thanks for your time

your art is really GREAT ;)
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